What are PSA ITT jobs, and how can I do them?

What are PSA ITT jobs, and how can I do them?

What are PSA ITT jobs, and how can I do them?

Updated on: 16 Sep 2020

Inter-Terminal Trucking (ITT) Jobs

ITT stands for Inter-Terminal Trucking jobs, where hauliers registered on Haulio can take and complete trucking jobs within PSA Singapore’s ports.
Hauliers registered on Haulio’s platform can execute n-demand PSA ITT jobs.

With ITT jobs, hauliers can optimize their fleet’s schedule by utilizing their free trucks, which also serves as a reliable and additional source of income. Furthermore, these jobs are completed within the port, hence drivers are not required to travel long distances.

I'm interested! How do I get started?

If you are a new user, simply register an account on Haulio to get started.

I already have a Haulio account! How do I take up PSA ITT jobs?

You can take up PSA ITT jobs through Haulio’s Haulage Operations Platform (HOP).

To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Registering for ITT

1. Check PSA ITT rates

Go to the  “Available Jobs” tab and click on “PSA Jobs (ITT)“.

You can view the rates of PSA ITT jobs today, tomorrow and the day after here.

Choose the date you would like to register your driver for and click “Register“.

2. Review Terms & Conditions

Next, review the Terms & Conditions for Providing Haulage Services through Haulio to PSA.

Click “Accept Terms and Conditions“.

3. Assign Driver, Prime Mover and Trailer

Next, select the respective Driver, Prime Mover and Trailer you would like to register to do PSA ITT on the selected date.

You can also create the Driver, Prime Mover and Trailer respectively by clicking on the + button in the dropdown.

Indicate the Time-In timing.

Click “Submit” to complete your registration.

That's it!

Your drivers are now registered for the PSA Job, and can enter at the registered date and time – it’s that easy!

Try it out for yourself now at Haulio’s Haulage Operations Platform now.

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