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Today, hauliers spend alot of time and effort managing their fleet, while shippers often lack communication with their logistics partners. Haulio aims to overcome these inefficiencies by providing a technological platform connecting them – for better fleet management and reliable trucking services through better visibility and communication.

The Haulio Community Portal allows shippers to keep updated of their jobs in real-time, while the Haulio Connectivity System allows hauliers to communicate with their drivers for improved visibility of their fleet.


To be Southeast Asia’s Largest Digital Haulage Service Provider


Haulio Community Portal (HCP)

Job Management Page
  • Assured haulage services for customers
  • Increased revenue streams for hauliers
  • Maximized trucking fleet efficiency, where hauliers can accept or sublet jobs based on their availability
  • With automated reminders, live chat, file attachments and job milestone updates

Haulio Connectivity System (HCS)

Driver Management System
  • Integrated with PSA’s Port Communication System
  • Comes with Scheduling and Communication Tools to digitize operations for hauliers
  • Increased visibility of drivers for better fleet management
  • Seamless communication between drivers and controllers

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