For Shippers

With Haulio, take away the mundane task of managing your trucking, so you can focus on what matters most – creating value for your business and increasing your profits.

Together, We Cargo Faster

For shippers, we aim to build tools to help make workflows simpler so that you have better visibility of your jobs, and solve operational inefficiencies in the industry to make it easier for businesses to connect and collaborate in real-time.

Let us be a part of your journey, so you can move faster and do more.

One Platform for all your Trucking Needs

The Haulage Management Platform (HMP) is designed for businesses like yours to manage all your trucking needs in one place. With easy-to-view dashboards and thoughtful user interfaces, managing your trucking has never been easier.

Services We Provide

1. Empty Import / Export / Round-trip Container Trucking Services
2. FCL (Full Container Load) Import / Export / Round-trip Container Trucking Services
3. Project / Out-of-Gauge Cargo Trucking Services
4. Value-added Logistics Services

Guaranteed Job Fulfillment

Get access to a reliable pool of hauliers, one click away.

With a dedicated customer service and real-time updates directly from hauliers, rest assured that your jobs are well taken care of.

Easy Vendor Management

Easily create your jobs and assign to Haulio to take care of the execution, or directly assign them to your own hauliers.

With friendly dashboards, the HMP let’s you stay on top of all your import and export containers, and every step in between.

WMS/FMS Integration-ready

Reduce data entry and streamline your trucking processes when you integrate your warehouse or freight management systems with the HMP.


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