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Haulage in Overdrive

Haulio is the smarter solution for logistics stakeholders.

We provide an efficient technological platform that connects hauliers and shippers, to better streamline their fleet management and trucking services in real-time.

Powered by Innovative,
Intelligent Technology

Empowering Hassle-Free Automation

Care that Goes Beyond Numbers

The tools we build for our industry partners promote collaboration and optimise logistical processes in jobs,
manpower and equipment management, which in turn empower and unify the haulage community.

Let us be a part of your journey, so you can move faster and do more.

Together, We Cargo Faster

I have trucks.

Haulio is here to simplify your work, streamline your jobs, and increase your opportunities through technology.

I need containers moved.

With Haulio, take away the mundane task of managing your trucking, so you can focus on what matters most – creating value for your business and increasing your profits.

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