Haulio and Avantida Announce Partnership

Haulio and Avantida Announce Partnership

Haulio and Avantida Announce Partnership

Haulio and Avantida Announce Partnership to Drive More Efficient Container Trucking through Street Turn

Singapore, 24 February 2020 – Singapore-based tech company Haulio and Antwerp-based company Avantida announced their partnership with the introduction of container street turn on their platforms. The benefits are mutual and clear; with Haulio’s extensive relationship with the trucking community through their digital platform offering container movements and job pooling, coupled with Avantida’s elaborate relationship with ocean lines and their multi-facetted platform, the two companies believe the synergies are boundless.

Since Avantida’s launch of street turn services in Singapore with CMA CGM, it will now work with Haulio to bring their services together, offering a more integrated and all-embracing experience for both local trucking companies and shipping lines. Alvin Ea, Haulio’s CEO, said, “As an open platform committed to serving Southeast Asia’s container trucking industry, we are excited to work with Avantida to provide our users with the added value of street turn. We are very impressed with Avantida’s growth in Europe and the Americas and are honoured to partner with them for their growth in this region.”

With more congestion on the roads and around port terminals and container depots every day, bringing the two platforms together will prove to be a big benefit to all stakeholders in the logistics industry. Reducing unnecessary transportation of empty containers also aids in both organisations’ cause for lowering carbon footprint for the sustainability of our environment.

Through Haulio’s platform, truckers can digitally request for containers to match their import or export trips, after which the Avantida platform provides an automated connection to the ocean line’s booking system where the request will be processed instantly. “We are thrilled to partner with Haulio in Singapore, and we’re certain we’ve made the right choice to work with them given their local market knowledge and connections. This partnership will help both our businesses grow far beyond what we could each have achieved alone,” said Yannick Lefevre, Avantida’s Head of Global Account Management.

Thanks to the more than 3,000 daily transactions globally on both platforms combined, the foundation has been laid out for a successful cooperation. With ambitions to conquer more of South East Asia together, more celebrations and good news will be published very soon.

About Haulio

Haulio is Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, with the greater vision of transforming Southeast Asia’s port logistics by enabling hauliers through technology, towards a collaborative future of efficient and optimized usage of resources. Haulio bring over a fleet of more than 3,000 trucks across several cities in the region to the platform, having moved over 250,000 TEUs to date.

About Avantida

Avantida, an E2Open company, is a global, online platform that facilitates services offered by ocean lines to transport and logistic companies for digitally optimised container transport planning. Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with a tech hub in Krakow, Poland, Avantida is an agile team of entrepreneurial minds that aims to digitally transform traditional logistics processes. To such extent, that major global ocean lines regard them as one of the most advanced players in their field, creating financial opportunities for all stakeholders in the chain. Services include reuse (empty container triangulation), change of the assigned drop-off and pick-up location and empty container repositioning.