Haulage Operations Platform (HOP)

End-to-end Haulage Management Tool


Built with hauliers at its heart, the Haulage Operations Platform (HOP) allows you to easily manage your haulage jobs – from receiving jobs, assigning to your drivers, to job updates.

Everything at a Glance

We know that manage haulage operations is like juggling 10 balls at once.

That’s why we’ve designed the HOP to keep up with your juggling, so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.

HOP Dashboard
HOP All in One Tool

All in One Place

You no longer need to check different places for the same job! View everything related to the same job in one place – job details, pricing, documents and even chat.

We’ve also added a Checklist so you’ll always stay on top of all your jobs.

Easy Trip Scheduling

Paired with the Haulio Connectivity System (HCS), easily review and manage your drivers’ trip schedule with the intuitive Kanban-style scheduling board.

Simply drag and drop to rearrange the trips before assigning the day’s trips for your drivers. Trip scheduling has never been easier.

HOP Trip Scheduling

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Fleet

Paired with the Haulio Connectivity System (HCS), the real-time map view of your drivers’ whereabouts assures that you’ll stay on top of things, always.

Easily Review Drivers’ Trip Forms

With the Haulio Connectivity System (HCS), easily keep track of your drivers’ completed trips for salary and remuneration.

HOP Trip Forms


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