How will the Chinese New Year affect the logistics industry?

How will the Chinese New Year affect the logistics industry?

How will the Chinese New Year affect the logistics industry?

The link between Chinese New Year and your business

Ah, Chinese New Year. The holiday that is observed by almost a quarter of the world’s population. However, if you’re part of the other 75%, the festivities would most probably go by without you noticing.  Businesses that rely on import and export, to and from China will be on their toes due to the significance of the upcoming holiday, especially how largely it affects international shipping. 

Don't belittle the impact of CNY

The impact Chinese New Year has on businesses is not limited to production facilities. Chinese Customs and local logistics providers are no stranger to the imminent disruption the holiday causes. Even international freight forwarders, whom are primarily based in China, will experience the disruption. Businesses that rely heavily on imports from Chinese manufacturers will be hit the hardest if this situation is not managed properly. 

Impact of CNY on the International Freight Industry

Chinese New Year is one time where these workers are able to go home and spend time with their families. To accommodate for this mass human migration, factories close and cease production well before the holidays begin. This leads to a production idle period during and after the holidays. Thus, the number of goods produced before the holiday may increase drastically to compensate for the down period. This sharp increase in production may potentially lead to a huge spike in the volume of Chinese exports.

Here are a few issues that the international freight industry could possibly face:

  • Increase in freight rates 

The pre-holiday period is the traditional peak season for Chinese exports. Carriers will have the upper hand and may use the holiday as leverage to increase their prices according to market conditions. However, some forwarders may probably be willing to pay the premium just to have their shipments fulfilled on time without delay.

  • Tight availability of containers and issues at Chinese customs

The sudden surge in cargo volume might result in a deficiency of available containers. During the CNY period, ports are usually filled with containers as everyone wants their container to get on the next ship. Shippers are likely to put immense pressure on freight forwarders to coordinate for proper reservations. All freight forwarders, including the largest, most well-connected ones, may face issues getting cargo through ports or airports and onto a vessel, even with a confirmed booking. 

Custom authorities usually only take two to three days of break during the festivities. However, they could implement a holiday procedure that will undoubtedly, increase processing times. Slower processing times will translate to higher risk of goods missing transportation in or out of China. If your shipment is rolled, be prepared to face some delays. 

  • Trucking services will be affected

The large amount of containers that require transportation will take a toll on truck drivers.  During the festive period, many drivers often return home to celebrate the lunar new year with their families. The remaining truck drivers will thus likely be overworked in order to meet existing demand.

Ways to deal with the CNY period

To ensure that the Chinese New Year holiday does not negatively affect your business, take note of the following:

  • Pay adequate attention to the impact of the holiday season operations and make changes if necessary
  • Manage your orders and jobs efficiently, improving the level of accuracy to prevent mistakes incurred by the increased workload

Important Information this CNY 2020

To assist you with planning ahead for CNY, Haulio has consolidated some useful information for your reference (Note: Information are accurate as of time of posting, and may be subject to changes.

PSA Storage Concession for Local Containers

PSA has announced that they are granting these concessions to local containers for vessels arriving during the Chinese New Year 2020 period:

  • Waiver of extra movement charge for early acceptance of export containers
  • First 3 days of free storage for export and import laden containers
  • First 2 days free storage for export and import empty containers 

The CNY 2020 qualifying periods for the concessions are as follows :

  • For import containers, the concessions is applicable for vessels arriving from 23 Jan 0001 hr to 26 Jan 2359 hr.
  • For Export containers, the concession is applicable for vessels arriving from 25 Jan 0001 hr to 27 Jan 2359 hr. 

Haulier companies can contact Haulier Services Centre at 67716308 for assistance.

Depot Opening Hours

Many depots have an early closure on Chinese New Year Eve, 24th January 2020. Take note of the depot closure timings and plan your operations beforehand.

Depot closure timing on 24th Jan 2020:

  • ACW : 12.45 PM
  • Allied : 12.00 PM
  • Chuan Li : 12.00 PM
  • Cogent : 11.00 AM
  • Container Connections : 5.30 PM
  • CWT : 12.00 PM
  • Eng Kong : 12.00 PM
  • Green Earth Tank Hub : 12.00 PM
  • HLA : 12.00 PM
  • Likok : 11.00 AM
  • Pacific Trans : 12.00 PM
  • PSA Depot : 3.00 PM
  • Tong Container : 11.45 AM
  • Wing Seng : 12.45 PM

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