Success Story: Megaton Shipping

Success Story: Megaton Shipping

Success Story: Megaton Shipping

About Megaton Shipping

Megaton Shipping Pte Ltd is an international freight  forwarder widely recognised as one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore. Incorporated in 1991, Megaton has grown to a diversified team of over 50 staff, 4 offices regionally and a global network of over 60 cities and representation.

With “Innovation” as part of Megaton’s core values, Haulio is proud to partner with them to push for supply chain innovation as a digital trucking service provider since Dec 2018.

“With Haulio, there is more visibility and accessibility to information.
Decisions can thus be made faster and more accurately.”

– Mr Kevin Lim
(Director, Megaton Shipping Pte Ltd)

Overall Rating of Haulio


Top 3 Things I Like about Haulio


With Haulio, Megaton has better visibility to our jobs.

Customer Service

Haulio has an excellent team supporting all our bookings.

Fast Response

Whenever we have questions or require support, the team is quick to respond.

How did you get to know Haulio?

Through an industry engagement event, I got to know Alvin Ea, who was the co-founder and Haulio.

Alvin, speaking of Kevin, said, “I’ve always known him to be more open minded and willing to test out new things. It was very exciting to partner with someone who’s open and forward-thinking.”

One of Megaton Shipping’s core values is to innovate – “To constantly evolve to create innovative solutions to better service our clients”. Hence even though Haulio is a new solution, we were willing to take the first step. We have been happy with the decision ever since.

“Overall, we are very pleased with our experience with Haulio, be it
the onboarding, usage of the platform, or customer service.”

– Mr Kevin Lim (Director, Megaton Shipping)

How are things different since you used Haulio?

In Megaton, we have a handful of operations executives involved in booking trucking services.

To make a booking, a lot of things had to be done manually – in fact some of our partners are still using more conventional tools of communication. Following up and ensuring that people had received the booking instructions also require effort. This means that a lot of things are done offline, there’s poor visibility of information, resulting in a lot of follow-up just to keep updated about jobs.

With Haulio’s Haulage Management Platform (HMP), there is more visibility and accessibility to information through the platform’s timely milestone updates. Decisions can thus be made faster and more accurately.

Would you recommend Haulio to others?

Yes, we will. Haulio has helped my business and is also continually working to improve on their products and features. The operations team is also very efficient and supportive for all our bookings – a key factor that differentiated Haulio from the general market.

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