Digitalising Container Haulage Movements in Thailand with ESCO

Digitalising Container Haulage Movements in Thailand with ESCO

Digitalising Container Haulage Movements in Thailand with ESCO

Haulio Launches Solution to Digitalise ESCO’s Container Haulage Movements

Haulio is proud to announce an official collaboration with ESCO in Thailand. Since Q2 2020, our landmark digital tool has helped assist the terminals in executing the movement of more than 10,000 TEUs, concurrently helping to combat the impact of COVID-19 on container transport in the port ecosystem over the past months. Digitalising haulage solutions is proving to be vital in supporting the movement of containers in Thailand.

Operating in two locations, ESCO executes many container movements daily between the Lat Krabang ICD and Laem Chabang Port. As part of the service offering to shipping lines and agents, containers are shuttled between the dry port at LKB and the deep sea port at LCB. These container movements are similar to Singapore’s Inter-Gateway Haulage (IGH), where containers are shuttled between different ports.

In Thailand, freight transport via road is an integral part of the logistics network. To cope with rising volume, an efficient road transportation plays an important role.

Currently, ESCO engages several haulage vendors with a combined fleet of over 200 trucks and drivers, and are looking to increase this pool. However, with more vendors coming on board, monitoring each individual container movement can prove to be a challenge. Also, as Laem Chabang Port is operated by various terminal operating companies, keeping up-to-date on each container can be tedious. The current method of handling this shuttling is inefficient and cumbersome, with multiple systems connected in order to track and trace the individual container movements among the many shipments every day.

To stay ahead as a key player in Thailand’s supply chains, ESCO is continually seeking to improve its service and efficiency. Haulio is therefore providing ESCO with a digital tool to support and manage their haulage movements with ease. The solution gathers information from all the individual terminal operators into one single platform, allowing users to have real-time updates for each container movement. In addition, Haulio serves as a bridge by connecting ESCO more easily to their vendors, down to the driver via their driver’s app. Overall, this affords both ESCO and their vendors better visibility to enhance and optimise their available resources.

Since the pilot in Q2 2020, Haulio has helped ESCO to tackle the rising challenges that have come with COVID-19 in the past months. This unprecedented situation means it is even more important for the various stakeholders of the port ecosystem to digitalise. With the successful pilot, Haulio is looking forward to extending its solutions to the rest of the ICD and port terminal operators, and support the digitalisation of the millions of box movements between the two busiest container logistics nodes in Thailand.

About ESCO

A joint venture between PSA, Marubeni and Kamigumi, the latter both of Japan, ESCO operates the B3 container terminal in Laem Chabang Port and holds major stakes in container terminals A0/B1, with a total capacity of 2.2 million TEUs.

In addition, ESCO operates one of the six inland container depots (ICD) at Lat Krabang (LKB) which is the main transit point connecting the port to the rest of Thailand.

About Haulio

Haulio is Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, aiming to transform the haulage landscape across Southeast Asia by enabling hauliers through technology, towards a shared haulage economy and optimized usage of resources.