Haulio’s Christmas Giveaway

Haulio’s Christmas Giveaway

Haulio’s Christmas Giveaway

truck drivers

This Christmas, Haulio played Santa Claus to the ones who form the backbone of Singapore’s supply chain, who are also often under-appreciated and forgotten.

Our Container Haulage Drivers work day and night, 365 days a year to ensure that our containerized goods arrive on time. To pay tribute, Haulio distributed goodie bags to 1,000 of drivers on 22 Dec 2018.

In an industry that has remained relatively unchanged in the past few decades, most of our truck drivers are in their mid-forties or fifties. Despite forming the backbone of our industry, they often take a back seat, with few recognizing their importance in making Singapore tick.

On 22 Dec 2018, Haulions gathered at the west of Singapore to distribute welfare packs at some of our container depots. Seeing the surprised smiles on the drivers’ faces made all the hard work worth it.

In fact, most of the drivers we met were really surprised at the gesture; no one had ever done something like this for them before.

"In the year's I've been in this industry, it's the first time anyone has done anything like this for us."
Mr Ang
Truck Driver

It’s through this exercise, we’ve learnt a simple lesson: at times, a simple thank you can mean the world to someone.

At Haulio, we recognize the struggles of our truck drivers face, and we’re committed to bring to this industry forward.

Together, We Cargo Faster

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors

We’re thankful for the support of our partners, for their sponsorship of the goodie bag items:

  • PSA Corporation
  • Meiji Seika
  • Lion Corporation
  • L’Oréal Group
  • Haw Par Healthcare
  • Lam Soon Trading
  • Allswell Trading

Photos from the Event

Post-Event Reflections

"Our inaugural CSR event has taught me that many drivers tend to think lowly of themselves and undermine the importance of their jobs. They do not know how important they are and it saddens me to see that. Through our initiatives, we hope that we can bring more joy to these drivers and also acknowledge and show our appreciation for all their hard work behind the scenes. We welcome the young and bold generation to carry on this legacy of our Container Shipping industry and preserve our heritage for the future."
Alvin Ea
Co-founder & CEO
"It was really meaningful to be able to do this for the drivers. I enjoyed getting to meet them, many of whom are immigrants who are new to Singapore. And I learnt that it can take more than a year to get used driving to all the locations on our island."
Jing Ting Koh
UX Researcher
"Through this event, I witnessed the daily struggle and heavy commute that the heroes behind the scene of logistics industry in Singapore had to go through and had my perspective changed completely. I’ve taken these drivers for granted every time I placed an order online or purchase groceries in general as almost everything we have in Singapore is imported from elsewhere. I’m glad to have been part of the team who have made a difference in these drivers’ lives starting from a small gesture like this."
Raymond Laures
"It was very heartwarming to see our little goodie bags being so appreciated by the drivers. The genuine look of joy and thankfulness as they receive the goodie bag brought smiles to our faces too. It was a really wonderful experience to be able to do something for these driverse. I think these drivers deserve a lot more recognition for their hard work and effort. We can do so much more for them!!!"
Lenet Kong

Some Words from our CEO

"2018 has been a crazy year filled with tonnes of obstacles, memorable milestones and growth. From a mere size of 4 just a year ago, Haulio has now grown to be a team of 30+. Pulling off our inaugural CSR event, with the support of all our sponsors, has brought a nice end to an unforgettable year. As Singapore's Largest Digital Container Haulage Network, we are starting to see industry veterans reciprocating and most importantly: a new sense of hope and belief for change through technology. To those who've chosen to believe in our young team and stuck with us through this journey, thank you for your faith. We've only just begun."
Alvin Ea
CEO and Co-founder