Success Story: Hin Kah Logistics

Success Story: Hin Kah Logistics

Success Story: Hin Kah Logistics

Hin Kah Logistics Pte Ltd is a logistics service provider in Singapore. Established more than 45 years ago, Hin Kah provides lorry and trailer transportation, with a combined fleet of 14 prime movers and 5 lorries.

Haulio is proud to partner with Hin Kah Logistics as a haulier on our platform since July 2017.

“Haulio is a very good platform as it helps to digitalise haulage and provide jobs for hauliers.”

– Mr Derence Lim (Director, Hin Kah Logistics)

Overall Rating of Haulio


Top 3 Things I Like about Haulio

Source of Jobs

Helpful Sharing Economy

Great Customer Service

How did you get to know about Haulio?

I first got to know Haulio when the two founders, Alvin and Sebastian, visited my office back in 2017. It was interesting to hear about their new digital platform then, and it has been a great journey seeing them grow throughout the years.

“I look forward to a new era of digitalisation together with Haulio.”

– Mr Derence Lim (Director, Hin Kah Logistics)

How has Haulio helped you?

With Haulio, I am able to maximize the efficiency of my fleet by providing me with a reliable source of jobs. I can take on jobs to fill my drivers’ rosters, resulting in less empty schedules and empty trips. I am also able to take on jobs during my lull periods. The digital platform also makes it very easy to take on jobs wherever I am.

I also like being able to network with like-minded industry partners through their events.

Will you continue using Haulio in the foreseeable future?

Yes, we will, especially during our lull periods. I look forward to supporting Haulio in the future.

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