Haulio X CardUp

Haulio X CardUp

Haulio X CardUp

Haulio is proud to announce our partnership with CardUp, a credit card enablement platform in Singapore. 

Now with CardUp, users of Haulio can now pay for Haulio invoices online, with their credit card! By utilising credit card payment, businesses can increase their invoice payment terms by up to 58 days, interest free. 

How it works:

You receive your invoice from Haulio with a 30-day payment term.

You charge the invoice amount to your credit card through CardUp and Haulio receives the payment on time via a bank transfer.

Your credit card bill arrives at the start of the next month, and is due 30 days later.

You only pay off this bill when it’s due, leveraging this interest free period to extend your invoice payment terms by almost 2 months!

Exclusively for Haulio clients, a 1.6% CardUp fee is charged on each payment to keep your payments secure. At 1.6% for up to 58 days of interest-free credit, this is a low-cost and instant financing option to optimise your cash flow.

Try it yourself!

Download the guide below to find out how you can make payment for Haulio invoices via credit card:

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