Haulio HCS Announcements

Haulio HCS Announcements

The Haulio Connectivity System (HCS) is the industry’s first mobile-focused drivers’ app built with our users at its heart. 

The app will be made available for all hauliers free-of-charge starting from today (10 September 2019)! Hauliers simply need to get their drivers to download the app and pair it with their company on the Haulio Community Portal (HCP).

HCS for free?

Hauliers will get to enjoy all the features below, for free!

  1. Trip forms
  2. Electronic Proof-of-delivery
  3. Tracking
  4. Routing
  5. Promotions

The only feature that requires a monthly fee will be PSA messaging, for drivers to communicate PSA within the port.

What are these Free Features?

Below features will be available for all HCS users.

Click the images below for a clearer view!

Trip Forms
1. Trip Forms
  • Drivers can record their trips digitally, allowing controllers to easily review and approve their trips for salary remuneration and claims submission.
Electronic Proof of Delivery
2. Electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD)
  • Drivers can get customers to electronically sign off on deliveries and attaching a photo of the delivered cargo.
  • Customers will receive a PDF with the photo(s), delivery sign-off, date and time stamps recorded automatically.
HCS Tracking
3. Tracking
  • Controllers can keep track of where their drivers are and the direction they are heading to in real-time.
4. Routing
  • Drivers can now receive instructions on how to proceed to their destination(s).
  • In addition, HCS will direct drivers to the destination via the most suitable route for heavy vehicles.
HCS Promotions
5. Promotions
  • Promotions will be made available for drivers in-app.

  • Drivers can now expect regular promotions up for grabs.

What is the Payable Feature?

All features featured above will be free for users, except PSA Messaging:

PSA Messaging
6. PSA Messaging
  • PSA messaging will be a payable feature. This feature enables hauliers to communicate with PSA for directions within the port.

The PSA messaging feature only costs you as low as S$19.90/truck per month!

Keen to find out more?

Simply fill up the form below and we will get in touch shortly on how you can get started!

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