JTC-ALPS Engagement Session

JTC-ALPS Engagement Session

JTC-ALPS Engagement Session

Haulio was honored to be invited to Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS) Engagement Session by JTC on 29th January 2019. 

It was a great opportunity to share with the stakeholders on how Haulio has been helping to save time and costs, and increase the efficiency of container movement in and out of ALPS. Our Co-Founder, Alvin Ea, also spoke to the attendees on how both hauliers and ALPS tenants and lessees can benefit through Haulio.

Our Co-Founder, Alvin Ea, speaking to the audience at ALPS Engagement Session

Bridging the Gap

As cargo and deliveries are often shipped to PSA port at Pasir Panjang Road, hauliers have a long way to deliver the containers to ALPS in the east (Changi Airport area) and might often not have an immediate container within ALPS for them to continue their return trip to the depots that are usually located at the west (Jurong/Joo Koon area) or vice versa. This causes hauliers to be generally reluctant to do an empty job as it is expensive and counter-productive to their drivers. Empty haulage movement will cost hauliers approximately S$20 on petrol and 1 hour of journey time. 

Haulio serves to connect these two destinations with hauliers who are willing to complete the jobs with potential information of readiness of another container in ALPS at their convenience.


Below case studies are actual jobs completed with Haulio, to showcase the efficiency of the jobs pooling model.

In Case Study 1, the trip to-and-fro ALPS is done through sublet jobs that are posted by hauliers on our portal and picked up by other hauliers. Hence, hauliers can focus on jobs in the west area (in blue).
In Case Study 2, the one-way return journey from ALPS is sublet through Haulio as well, to other hauliers in the vicinity. This way, hauliers can take up jobs that fit their schedule.

The 2 scenarios illustrate how Haulio provides value in reducing empty haulage movement across the island. 

Haulio provides a common platform (Haulio Community Platform) for hauliers to sublet their jobs to other hauliers who are willing to take the trip because it is in their favor to do so (ie. along the way to their next destination).

Haulio & the JTC team

Through this engagement session, we hope to have shared our vision of a more efficient and beneficial future for both hauliers and the ALPS tenants and lessees.

Together, We Cargo Faster.

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