HAULIO – 2018 In Review

HAULIO – 2018 In Review

HAULIO – 2018 In Review

Haulio has achieved a year of steady performance in 2018. In this article, we will highlight the strength of the haulage industry in Singapore as it is increasingly powered by technology and innovation. We invite you to explore our key events and highlights in 2018 below. 

Number of TEUs moved
Gross Transaction Value (SGD)
Number of Hauliers
Number of Shippers

To begin our 2018 review, here are some messages from our co-founders to sum up the fruitful year.

From Left: Alvin Ea (CEO), Sebastian Shen (CPO)

2018 has been a year of conviction and validation for Haulio. I’ve personally watched it grow in this “sunset” industry, with the strong belief to rekindle hope and revolutionize the Container Haulage ecosystem. 

As I look back at some of the highlights in 2018, I am heartened to say that we have started well and built a team of Haulions who care about the purpose and value in the work that we do. We had the opportunity to continue the good work we’ve started out on and had the honour to be acknowledged by our fellow industry for the work that we’ve laid out.”

Alvin Ea

2018 was a year defined by our growing influence and relationships with Hauliers. With multiple iterations of the Haulio Marketplace and the soft-launch of the HCS, our executional capabilities with the industry are positioned to keep getting stronger. Let us keep up this momentum and continue to forge ahead with our ecosystem. We have no time to lose.

Sebastian Shen

Key events

It has been an eventful year for us as we journey on improving the industry through innovation and technology. Our highlight of 2018 would be receiving the Supply Chain Asia Awards  (Supply Chain Innovation of the Year – Startup, and Young Professional of the Year for our CEO, Alvin Ea). Another key highlight was our Christmas Giveaway event where 1,000 goodie bags were distributed to truck drivers in the spirit of Christmas season as a way to show gratitude for their service and contribution in our industry.  

HAULIO 2018 Highlights

Performance highlights 2018

Moving on, we acknowledge that none of these achievements would have been possible without your support and trust in us. We have made tremendous progress over the year and we are proud to share it with you. 

Number of TEUs moved

Cumulatively, we have moved over 100,000 TEUs in 2018. The increase in the number of TEUs moved every month is due to more and more hauliers joining us as we progress. While the number of TEUs arriving in Singapore is projected to increase every year, we hope to move even more in 2019 and the years to come.

Number of Hauliers and Shippers

The large number of TEUs can be accounted for by the increase in the number of shippers and hauliers who have joined us since January 2018. Over the year, the number of hauliers shot up to 160 which is about 70% of the total number of hauliers in Singapore.

Cumulative Number of Hauliers on Haulio
Cumulative number of Shippers on Haulio

Number of Trips made per TEU

With increase in number of hauliers, we would be able to move more containers more efficiently and reduce the downtime of the assets in the industry. From January to December, the number of trips made by the drivers have increased 39-fold, signifying the increase in efficiency of our haulage system. The number of trips is calculated from the number of Import, Export and One-Way jobs on our portal. 

Looking back one-and-a-half years ago since our inception, we have everything to be thankful for. We have the team who has grown bigger and better, partners whom we have made, and the hauliers and shippers who have joined our Haulio family. 

Do look forward to our new service and innovations as we continue working to bridge the gaps between the industry and the technological advancement that we need.

Once again, THANK YOU for your unwavering support and trust.

From all of us, the like-minded individuals who believe in bringing positive change to the industry.

Together, We Cargo Faster

We look forward to serving you better and more efficiently in 2019. We highly value every feedback and suggestion you have given us so far. Feel free to let us know how to improve our service. 

For Hauliers, download the 2018 Annual Report here.

For Shippers, download the 2018 Annual Report here.

For member of the Public, download the 2018 Annual Report here.

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