Haulio and the NTP

Haulio and the NTP

Haulio and the NTP

Haulio was invited to the Networked Trade Platform’s joint outreach event with CDAS, SLA and STA on 24th October 2018.

NTP Outreach Event jointly held with CDAS, SLA and STA
Our co-founder Sebastian Shen speaking at the event.
Haulio’s booth at the event

What is the Networked Trade Platform (NTP)?

The NTP is a one-stop trade and logistics ecosystem which supports digitalisation efforts and connects players across the trade value chain – in Singapore and abroad. It aims to provide the foundation for Singapore to be a leading trade, supply chain and trade financing hub. Designed as an open digital platform, it enables service providers to develop new applications and foster innovation within the trade ecosystem.

By bringing players across the trade value chain onto a single platform, the NTP enables end-to-end digital trade. Traders can tap on a range of trade-related value-added services (VAS) such as cargo freight booking, trade financing, cargo insurance, customs declarations and payment reconciliation. These services will allow them to arrange shipments easily, improve cash flow, and better manage trade compliance, all on one platform.

For more information, visit www.ntp.gov.sg

What can Haulio offer via the NTP?

Haulio on NTP
Haulio on NTP

The NTP has a range of Value-added Services (VAS), split into the following categories:

  1. Arrange Shipment
  2. Declare Customs
  3. Financing Trade
  4. International Connectivity
  5. Market Insights
  6. Permit Preparation
  7. Reports and Payment
  8. Sourcing Customer
  9. Tracking Shipment

By end-November 2018, Haulio will be live on NTP as an onboarded VAS Provider under the “1. Arrange Shipment” category.

What can I do once Haulio is live on NTP?

As a NTP Value-Added Service, Haulio is part of a vibrant trade ecosystem that is the NTP.

This means that you will be able to access trade-related services such as customs e-Services applications, cargo freight booking and arrangement of shipment all in one platform!

The Networked Trade Platform

Haulio will be fully on board the NTP as a Value-added Service Provider for container haulage by end-November 2018.

Stay tuned for more updates!